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Blushing Chawan

Blushing Chawan glazed with CT Shino, and White Shino and fired to ∆10 in reduction. The blush is from volatilized copper from an adjacent piece in the kiln…Two sides of the same bowl.

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My new “Tin Can” Kiln

After many years of designing and custom building kilns I wanted to create a super low tech and totally inexpensive way to fire my Chawan, Yunomi and Guinomi and other Teaware. I located a small old Duncan electric kiln that … Continue reading

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My Work at the White Dragon Tearoom, Durango, Colorado

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100 Tea Cups

This project started when I received an email from my website titled “100 Tea Cups.” I receive online scams all the time and the title of this email had me thinking it was yet another attempt to extract cash from … Continue reading

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Close-up of an Artist Scam…

I have been receiving artist email scams from all around the world for over 15 years. These scams all take the same approach. Generally they state that they want to purchase work from your website, they are vague as to … Continue reading

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Shino Over

I thought I would post the following images of Chawan and Yunomi I’ve made over the years using Shino over other glazes. The old saying is “shino first or suffer the curse”, the curse being bubbles and blisters in and … Continue reading

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How I Pack a Yunomi for Shipment.

The following is how I pack a Yunomi for shipment. I’ve been packing and shipping my ceramic works throughout the country and around the world since I started selling online in 1996. To date, I have only had one piece … Continue reading

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Lots to Look at on a Petite Piece

This stoneware Yunomi Tea Cup is glazed with Turquoise Copper Matte and Nuka and reduction fired in my custom designed gas updraft kiln high (7800 ft) in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. This Petite Jewel Like Yunomi has … Continue reading

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Shots of Pots on the Cheap and Low Tech

 I’ve been shooting images of my ceramic works for the last 20 years. I learned out of necessity, simply because, I wasn’t going to pay the high prices that “professional” photographers wanted for less than expected results with strings attached. … Continue reading

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Collecting Nuka…

Here’s today’s Ash Tenmoku and Nuka glazed Matcha Chawan from last week’s firing. I was fired to ∆10 (2345F) in reduction in my small kiln. It measures 3″ h. x 5-3/8″ and feels real nice in the hands. I never … Continue reading

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