I Got Interrupted…Redux

In my previous post “I Got Interrupted”, I talked about being interrupted when mixing a shino glaze and making mistakes in the batch which resulted in unusual and interesting results.

I fired the small kiln a few days ago and thought I would throw in a piece glazed with the “I Got Interrupted Glaze” to see if the previous results were repeatable, they weren’t. What I did get, was again, a complete surprise. This time the glaze had turned a Smokey Rose with a similar Dry Matte finish on the exterior with a Pale Cream interior. This glaze has no colorants or oxides added, not sure where the color is coming from(?) Is it possible that the volatile copper from the Chun Red and Oribe glazes in this firing might have caused this color…not sure.

I’ve posted images below as a comparison of the two different effects. I would be interested in any ideas as to how this color was achieved.

Front of Cup

Back of same cup

Result of the first firing of the “I Got Interrupted Glaze”

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4 Responses to I Got Interrupted…Redux

  1. lynne martin says:

    hey…this is very interesting, thanks for sharing. Tell us about your small kiln!
    thanks, lynne

  2. ang says:

    it’s very interesting isnt it…the red/pink does look like a heavy atmospheric response ive had some copper reds come out like this…

  3. shyrabbit says:

    Thanks ang, Yeah, I’m pretty sure the red/pink is a reaction to the copper in the kiln. Thanks for your comments.

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