Tenmoku Glaze Recipe, ∆10 reduction

Tenmoku Yunomi 

  • Whiting   16.00
  • Custer Spar   44.00
  • OM-4   10.00
  • Silica   22.00
  • Wood Ash (unwashed)   7.00
  • ADD:
  • RIO    9.0

Notes: This is a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a dark brown to black and will break on edges with a shiny  finish. Will run if applied too thick and/or over fired.  As always, test for your ingredients and firing conditions. Note: This glaze adds up to 99% not 100%, that’s how it was given to me many years ago.

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7 Responses to Tenmoku Glaze Recipe, ∆10 reduction

  1. Rogayah Yaacob says:

    Sorry, don’t know what is custar spar, OM-4 or RIO what other names do they go by? Gaya Yaacob

  2. Steven Appel says:

    Hi Michael, I tried the Nuka over Weiser Honey (Tenmoku) at cone 10 reduction and I love it. The Tenmoku tends to crawl a bit, but the Nuka keeps it very stable, even though it appears quite thick when you put it on. I love this combo and is a very big hit.

  3. Steven Appel says:

    Well, I can’t post pics on here Michael, but here is the url to my facebook page. I do realize that thinning the Nuka produces a more toned down look obviously, but I like both thick and thin applications. It’s just so thick with the OM4 in there. Perhaps a suspension agent like Bentonite would assist in this? http://www.facebook.com/AppelStoneware/photos_albums

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