Tenmoku on the Move

I’m often asked what glaze combination I use to get the two tone effect shown on the Tenmoku Tea Bowl and Sake Cup below. The fact is it’s only one glaze, the Tenmoku. I achieve this result by glazing the inside and outside as I normally would and then triple dipping the rim. This excessive amount of glaze causes the tenmoku to “break” or move down the bowl much more than normal, resulting ultimately in a thinner glaze coating of tenmoku at the rim. Tenmoku is one of those glazes that will display vastly different effects based on thickness of application. Hope this answers those who have written me.

Tenmoku Matcha Chawan by D. Michael Coffee

Tenmoku Guinomi Sake Cup

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One Response to Tenmoku on the Move

  1. Caroline Chandler says:

    Thanks for sharing that special technique. I can’t wait to try it. ctc

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