Many Faces of Multiple Firings

I often re-fire my Chawan, I’ve been doing this for some time now and have found that there are many rewarding results to be had. The following piece was fired 3 times to ∆10 (2345F) in reduction. I re-glazed before each firing with a different shino from my regulars. In the case of this piece I also added a layer of Nuka with 2% copper (notice the pale lavender blush).

For me, the interesting thing is how the multiple firings add to the depth and richness of the glaze, developing a “soft warm hand” and a subtle sheen. I don’t get tired of holding this bowl and studying its many Faces.

I would like to know what you think about multiple firing of a single piece…

Shino ChawanShino ChawanShino ChawaShino ChawaShino ChawanShino ChawanShino Chawan

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9 Responses to Many Faces of Multiple Firings

  1. Hi Michael
    I often refire pieces. Over the years, i think i’ve discovered that most serious potters do! And too, some of my combination glazes will fire to brown in reduction, but then refired in oxidation will turn a beautiful and really red — red!

  2. Caroline Chandler says:

    Hi Michael, Beautiful chawan, multiply fired! We intend to re-fire some pieces that did not get reduced in the first firing. Aren’t they too vitrified to be reduced in the second firing?
    Best, Caroline

  3. Jim Shea says:

    It would be really great to see the progression as you re-fire them. Can I ask you to photodocument them after each firing and then post the pics when you get to your endpoint? ~Jim

  4. Zygote says:

    I’m a habitual refirer as well. It’s the pull of exploring surface effects that are created only by reglazing and multiple firings that keeps me chucking work through the kiln. It doesn’t always end well though… It’s still a crap-shoot.

  5. Joel says:

    Great cup form! Very nice interior circles shadowing the foot ring and signature imprint, really draws us inside along with the warm orange color. I really like the first image with the hints of green in the grooves near the foot. Was this also from the 2% copper added to the Nuka? What kind of copper did you add? Copper Carb?

  6. I, also, refire at will. Often refiring is the only way you can kick a pot up a notch from ok to wow.

  7. richard says:

    i ‘had’ to refire some tumblers, as their cooling happened too quickly and the liner glaze crackled. i did dunk them in another glaze on the outside, only. and saw that some of the fresh glaze colorants ‘seemed’ to seep into the lines in the cracks. after firing[electric] lacey, darker lines appeared on some of the pieces. it seems a similar effect is visible in the photos; above. certainly, a process that may need some exploration!

    • shyrabbit says:

      Hi Richard,
      I’ve rubbed Red Iron Oxide into crazing and re-fired to achieve a highlighting of the crazing, works well. The darker cracked lines, in the bowl above, are highlighted by soda ash that migrated to the surface when being reglazed and when re-fired they carbon trapped.

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