Kiln Gods…Do they Work?

Kiln Gods…Do they Work?

I’ve been firing kilns for quite some time know and I’ve never not made at least one for every glaze firing I’ve ever done. I often recruit others to contribute to the ritual, more are likely better, I’m sure. I’m generally happy with the results that come from my protected kilns and I’m sure it’s as a result of the oversight of the talismans. A couple of times I’ve forgotten to craft a god after lighting the kiln, to remember well into 1200F with a sense of adrenalin panic, rather pagan don’t you think? This reaction must be my answer to the question, I think they do work and I’m not planning to test the theory any time soon…

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11 Responses to Kiln Gods…Do they Work?

  1. Suzanne R says:

    Michael your kiln gods are cool, I especially like the fire breathing man.

  2. shyrabbit says:

    Thanks, that’s one of my favorites as well…thanks for taking the time to view and comment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like your kiln gods very much. I don’t have any experience with kiln gods. But I like that and I’ll give a try. Will report the result….

  4. I don’t have any kiln gods, I do however have firing rituals. I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sweet tea for breakfast before the firing and strongbow cider afterwards. This goes back to my first firing of my current kiln, the 2 times I haven’t done this I’ve had terrible firings. Coincidence? Probably, but why risk it!

  5. shyrabbit says:

    Love your comments…It’s all about ritual and what you said about, “why risk it!” Is exactly my point. Thanks again for the great comment,

  6. The firing I did sans kiln gods was dreadful. There will be no more of that.

  7. gz says:

    I always do the fresh kiln god for our joint saltglaze firings. The times someone else did them it wasn’t a good firing!
    I’ve two resident kiln gods made by two of my children for my own kiln….perhaps I should be making fresh ones to accompany them!

  8. shyrabbit says:

    I think you might get better results with a new one for each firing, works for me…

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