Effects of Reduction and Oxidation

I thought I would post this image showing the obvious effects of Reduction and Oxidation on a glaze and to show how oxidation zones can exist in a reduction firing. The round hole in the bottom of the image is a burner port. The darkened area on the left is the reduction effect on the floor of the kiln and the lighter area to the right is an oxidation effect. If you follow the line between the two effects up to the bottle it lines up with the change in the glaze. The oxidation effect seems to be 1″ above the floor only. All the light areas on the walls are due to oxidation.

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5 Responses to Effects of Reduction and Oxidation

  1. Zygote says:

    Nicely set-up visual demonstration of atmospheric zones near the ports and walls. I love setting work in this zone…

    • shyrabbit says:

      Zygote, Thanks for the comment. I guess It still amazes me to know that in a small kiln that fires maybe 50 pieces that there can be these mini zones of reduction and oxidation. Nice to know that you have taken advantage of this in your work. I love fire!

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