I’m Not the Only One…Backroom

When I visit a gallery I always ask to see the “Backroom” storage area where they keep older inventory and works waiting to be shipped out. I find this “display” area quite inviting with its casual nature and random order. Often galleries will have several smaller storage areas throughout their space as well that are accessible by simply asking.

I know I’m not the only one that enjoys the “backroom” experience, we get asked all the time to see ours, and we have several here at SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts. The interesting thing about this “inside” viewing of the backroom is that it often results in sales. Sales of work, as a matter of fact, that was just removed from the gallery. Even though a piece has been on display, it will be purchased by someone who walked by the piece when part of a larger show…interesting I think.

Might a gallery completely designed as a “backroom” be the secret?

The image above is one of our storage area that also serves as our shipping dept.

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4 Responses to I’m Not the Only One…Backroom

  1. kim hines says:

    i recently got to see the back room of the gallery at archie bray. it was so cool being able to see all this fantastic work put on the shelf in such a casual way. scanning the shelves you saw something different each time you looked. it seemed much more real than when out front on display.

  2. Judy Nevius says:

    Interesting! I never would have thought to ask about the back room!
    Perhaps I will next gallery trip.

  3. Hello, Michael–

    Thanks for you thoughts and ideas! Thanks for giving!


  4. highonfire says:

    I think most gallery space is cold and static. It makes the work in the gallery more austere, more important, unreachable in a sense. I think having a “back room” type gallery space is a brilliant idea. I think it would break down barriers and be a more open environment for discussion, and like you say, probably make sales go up…

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