Chun Red Glaze Recipe

Chun Red Yunomi by D. Michael Coffee

  • Feldspar (potash)    43.40
  • Flint    27.27
  • Dolomite    9.37
  • Gerstley Borate    9.37
  • Barium Carb.    4.54
  • Whiting    2.56
  • EPK    1.70
  • Zinc Oxide    1.70
  • Bentonite    4.54

The above recipe is a Transparent Chun base that would be a good starting point for experimenting with colorants. The following oxides when added to this base will yield a rich Chun Red.

  • Tin Oxide    2.55
  • Copper Carb.    3.12
  • Red Iron Oxide    0.85

Notes: This a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a celadon green where thin or oxidized and a deep red where thicker and well reduced. This glaze will fire to a “peacock” blue/green where very thick and may run at this point, keep to inside of forms. Breaks well over texture.

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9 Responses to Chun Red Glaze Recipe

  1. The Barefoot Potteress says:

    love this color. it’s simply gorgeous!

  2. Michael — Thanks ever so much for posting the recipe. You are quite wonderful to do so !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much. I’d really like to give this a go, but I’m a bit confused – the numbers you give add up to 104.45. How am I to use the numbers you provide if they’re not percents, are they parts?

    • shyrabbit says:

      Actually, the bentonite is only added to keep the glaze ingredients suspended and doesn’t add anything to the final fired glaze result. I believe the actual glaze ingredients add up to 99.9%. Simply add 4.54% bentonite to any batch size. I hope this helps.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is indeed a beautiful red, however, is it food safe? I have read suggestions that indicate not, unless it is fired to one 10.

  5. Michael Wein says:

    Thank you for sharing this chun I will make it with 1% cobalt carb to go over

    Tamaku. Did you try this. Michael

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