Tribal Finger Wiped Shino Matcha Chawan

Starting with this Tea Bowl I will be posting some more detailed information regarding glazes, slips and misc. techniques I use to achieve various results. I will also be honest and say when a particularly nice result is purely that of the kiln doing its thing. This will be the case more often than you might think.

The shino used on this bowl is one I use a lot as it’s very consistent and reliable and interacts with ash and oxides well.

Tribal Chawan

White Shino ∆10 Reduction

  • Kona f-4    33.98
  • Spod    29.13
  • Nyphsy    14.56
  • EPK    9.71
  • Soda Ash    7.77
  • OM#4    4.85

Remarks: Will craze, needs good reduction, white where thick and orange where thin, breaks to orange over texture.

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7 Responses to Tribal Finger Wiped Shino Matcha Chawan

  1. Hi. I’m a friend of Roy S and saw your post with the white shino on facebook – simply lovely. I’m assuming this recipe can be used in a wood fire? I love the results & would like to try it – Thanks, Lynne

  2. shyrabbit says:

    I think this shino would work well in a wood firing, in fact, it’s likely to be enhanced. I would love to see your results when you have them – Thanks, Michael

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michael! Love your glazes! I will try do archieve some of them in our next wood firing and I am wondering what OM#4 stands for?
    Thanks! /sanja

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sanja,
      OM#4, stands for “Old Mine #4” It’s a Kentucky Ball Clay. I would love to see any results you would like to share after your firing…

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